Earlier this year, Benji shared “Test Before You Test” insight on The Agency Post.  The “Test Before You Test” method involves “gathering data involving actual behavior in the most low-risk, low-cost way.”  Benji says that traditional testing methods are oftentimes not reliable – at times people being tested (for example, in a focus group) truly believe they act a certain way when really they act quite differently. 

Benji asserts that the “Test Before You Test” method is much cheaper than traditional testing methods – like surveys – and yields more conclusive data:

“Testing before you test means you are testing to determine real behavior, not filtered or perceived behavior or imagined scenarios. You’re not “asking” consumers which toothpaste they prefer; you’re following them down the toothpaste aisle and seeing which one they actually buy.

By testing your way to success, you get where you want to go much faster and with much lower risk. And if you’re racing against time, the economy or a competitor, that’s a huge advantage.”

You can find the original post on The Agency Post here.