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Managing a daily schedule is a headache for coaching professionals: It can be easy to lose track of last-minute meeting time changes, or accidentally overbook, leading to troublesome phone calls or emails.

Online software allows coaches to have an automated scheduler available to clients at their convenience. It also lets coaches keep better track of what a day or week will look like, in real time, as well as safely block out sections of the day for travel or cushioning.

But what piece of software works best? Or should coaches use a combination of systems? Below, 10 members from Forbes Coaches Council talk about what works for them, and why. Here’s what they have to say:

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7. AppointmentCore

Infusionsoft is the hub of my business, so when it came to scheduling tools I wanted to find one that integrated with Infusionsoft and would keep all client info in one place. When a client books an appointment via AppointmentCore, it is automatically added to their record in Infusionsoft. I then keep track of conversations and progress via the Notes feature in their Infusionsoft client record. – Tina Forsyth, Tina Forsyth

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