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Matt McKibbin

Co-Founder, Chief Decentralization Officer

Matt is cofounder and Chief Decentralization Officer at D10E, the world’s leading conference on decentralized technologies, philosophies and social organization. He serves as an advisor to Network Society Labs, Humaniq, Securrency, and Social Evolution and has been involved in several early-stage blockchain startups, including Ubiquity,, and Propy.

Simone Giacomelli


Simone has, for over 3 years, been leading teams that provide next generation blockchain solutions for both the private and public sectors. Passionate and diligent about exploring relational economies and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, he conducts research in novel cryptocurrency models, ICOs and incentive mechanisms that empower cooperation and value creation. He has been heavily involved in collaborative efforts with the Institute of Data Driven Design, advancing the development of a fledgling non-computational intensive consensus algorithm called “Proof of Standings” that serves as the basic mechanism for decentralized liquid democracy. Digital Nomads enthusiast and evangelist with a penchant for connecting the diverse people that cross his path.

Tiffany Madison


Tiffany is cofounder and Chief Solutions Strategist at d10e and former Communications & Investor Relations Director with MGT Capital Investments, Inc. She is an accomplished writer and journalist, and served as a campaign manager for John McAfee during his 2016 Presidential campaign.

Benji Rabhan

Co-Founder, Partner

Benji is a NYT best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur who has built and scaled several multimillion dollar businesses. He is the cofounder of MorrisCore and Featured Labs. One of the world’s leading optimization experts, Benji has been featured in Forbes, Inc500, and Empact100, where he visited the White House as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30.

Ted Moskovitz

Co-Founder, Business Development

Ted is a former SEC lawyer turned serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. He is the cofounder of the virtual incubator Featured Labs, which advises and invests in companies working in SaaS, genomic-based medicine, cannabis, and blockchain technology. Ted lives vicariously through himself.

Justin Snyder

Co-Founder, Marketing & Design

Justin is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and experience designer focusing on comprehensive engagement solutions, digital marketing strategy, and technology stack optimization. He is the cofounder and former VP of Customer Success at Apollo Scheduling and advises nonprofit Travel+SocialGood in Austin, Texas. He is also involved in launching an ecommerce business, a short documentary film project, and Startup Societies Summit 2017 in San Francisco.