The Leap Takers

Inspiring and Facilitating the Transition From Cubicle to Freedom Telling the Stories of Those Who Have Taken Big Leaps in Their Lives

We are Leap Takers. We are dreamers and doers who aren’t afraid to follow our bliss, live with intention, and practice persistence. We are creators. We refuse to accept anything less than the life we envision for ourselves, our friends, our families, and our communities. We dance at the edge of discomfort. We speak up, show up, and stand up for what we create.

This project exists for two reasons:

1. To explore and share the stories of people across the globe who have taken big leaps in their lives; and

2. To provide practical advice and inspiration for people who want to take a leap of their own.

Taking a leap in life – in any facet – can be scary. But take it from us, it’s worth it. We hope that you find this project to be insightful and inspiring, whether you have already leapt or are just beginning to feel that fire in your bones.



Ted Moskovitz

Leap Taker

Justin Snyder

Leap Taker

Danielle Sunberg

Leap Taker

Benji Rabhan

Leap Mentor